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Kashin-Beck disease (bone disease)

Kidney cancer

Kidney disease

Kidney-driven bone problems (Renal osteodystrophy)

Kidney failure

Kidney problems

Kidney problems in children (glomerulosclerosis)

Kidney stones

Kidney transplant

Killing germs

Knee pain

Labor pain

Lactic acidosis (blood-acid imbalance)

Laser eye surgery recovery (photoreactive keratectomy)

Lead poisoning

Leakage of chemotherapy drug into surrounding tissue

Learning problems

Leg ulcer




Liver cancer

Liver disease

Liver disorder during pregnancy (intrahepatic cholestasis)

Liver problems

Liver-related brain problems (hepatic encephalopathy)

Liver scarring (cirrhosis)

Live transplant

Lometrexol toxicity

Loss of appetite