21 natural remedies for anxiety

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Side effects
a group of flowering vines and shrubs

a beverage made from piper methysticum of the Pacific Islands

a well known herb of the mint family

a hormone produced naturally in the body

a non-flowering tree with distinctive fan-shaped leaves

a cross between watermint and spearmint

a chemical by-product of L-tryptophan - a protein building block

a herb native to the western United States

an important mineral that occurs in both the human body and the earth atmosphere

a common drink derived from the camellia sinesis plant

a summer-blooming flowering plant

a molecule found naturally in the body

a popular drink made from the camellia sinensis plant

a herb that originates in North America

Blue-green algae encompass a large group of simple, plant-like organisms found underwater

an African evergreen tree

a flowering plant of the family hypericaceae

an essential nutrient and antioxidant

an amino acid or protein building block

derived from the seed of the linum usitatissimum plant