30 natural remedies for heart disease

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Side effects
a combination of rice fermented with yeast

a popular drink made from the camellia sinensis plant

an essential nutrient and antioxidant

a fat soluble secosteroid

a plant that grows in Siberia

a commonly found metal

a fruiting evergreen shrub that grows in wet areas

a chemical often found in joint cartilage

a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub

a vitamin involved in the metabolism of every cell in the human body

a naturally occurring chemical that tints fruits and vegetables red

Blue-green algae encompass a large group of simple, plant-like organisms found underwater

a common drink derived from the camellia sinesis plant

the name of a product derived from the bark of the Pinus pinaster tree

the seed of the linum usitatissimum plant

a naturally-occuring hormone found in the human body

a herb native to China

derived from the seed of the linum usitatissimum plant

a vitamin found in green foods

derived from the seed of the plant of the same name

a molecule found naturally in the body

an amino acid or protein building block

a herb grown around the world commonly included in food

a nonmetal mineral

a form of water-soluble B vitamin

a mineral found in the body, food, and the earths atmosphere

a non-flowering tree with distinctive fan-shaped leaves

a member of the carotenoid family

a group of fat-soluble compounds