38 natural remedies for high cholesterol

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Niacin and niacinamide are both forms of Vitamin B3

a combination of rice fermented with yeast

a plant native to Western and Southern Asia

a popular drink made from the camellia sinensis plant

a mineral found in the body, food, and the earths atmosphere

an important mineral that occurs in both the human body and the earth atmosphere

the seed of the linum usitatissimum plant

an essential nutrient and antioxidant

a bacteria native to the intestines

a metallic mineral

a chemical often found in joint cartilage

a plant that is native to Europe

a vitamin found in green foods

a flowering plant of the pea family

a plant that grows in Siberia

a herbaceous perennial plant

a fat soluble secosteroid

the name of a product derived from the bark of the Pinus pinaster tree

an amino sugar that naturally-occurs in the body

Blue-green algae encompass a large group of simple, plant-like organisms found underwater

a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub

a plant that looks similar to a cactus, only growing in hot climates

a naturally occurring chemical that tints fruits and vegetables red

a type of bacteria commonly found in the gut

a plant from the sesame family native to Southern Africa

a non-flowering tree with distinctive fan-shaped leaves

a group of fat-soluble compounds

a herbaceous plant native to southern Europe and Asia

a chemical found in the body, particularly in muscle tissue

Acai derives from a South American palm tree

a common drink derived from the camellia sinesis plant

derived from the seed of the plant of the same name

a vitamin-like substance found throughout the human body

a herbaceous species of flowering bean

derived from the seed of the linum usitatissimum plant

a herb grown around the world commonly included in food

a weed that grows in many countries worldwide